Vitality Pasta

Farm-to-table pasta box branding for a new, imaginary health based pasta brand.

Package Design

Vitality Pasta

For an assignment in my package design course we were tasked with creating our very own pasta brand and box. The project had a few required deliverables: A custom name/logo, a hand made nutrition label, a recipe on the back, and a die-cut.

Understanding My Audience​

When creating a brand, you have to understand who you are marketing to. Pasta comes in all different forms and flavors and because of that, different people will buy different types. Thinking deeply about this decision, I wanted to go with a "healthy" wheat option aimed at people wanting to better their health.

I explored a few superstores, Walmart and Stop & Shop to name a few, and looked through the pasta isles to get an idea of what wheat/healthy pasta looked like in the box. Outside of the big name pasta brands who all have their own one-off type of design, the healthy pastas tended to have very natural looking packaging.

Inventing The Brand​

I wanted the brand to shout healthy living. I went with the name "Vitality" which means "The state of being strong and active". With a name like Vitality, I needed a logo that gives an impact as strong as the name itself. The packaging itself also had to represent the brands morals. 


Creating The Logo​

I had a solid idea of what I wanted to create from the beginning. I utilized the 'Slim Jim' font with some illustrated wheat stocks growing out of the second "I" in Vitality. The main color that I decided to go with in the logo was a nice wheat brown which helped peddle the idea of wheat and healthy even more.


Creating The Nutrition Label​

The nutrition label was based off a real wheat pasta box that I had found online. The entire label was created using tables in Adobe InDesign. The nutrition label was one of the deliverables that was required to be on our pasta box.

Creating The Box​

I wanted the box to have a sort of continuity of pattern. I really liked the idea of having one side of the red darker than the other, to me it added a bit more personality to the box as a whole. The idea was to make a gradient that utilized the entire box. A subtle pattern was used throughout the entire design as a way to add depth. I left the areas that would be covered when folding the box empty as they would be out of sight. 

A deliverable for the project was to create a recipe on the back of the box for something of our choosing, as long as the theme of the dish matched the pasta being created.

Pasta Box Mockup​



Vitality is an interesting take on a modern pasta box. The style is unique, it stands out, and it appeals directly to a specific target audience with ease. The deliverables for the project were met and I am happy with the results. The nutrition label was very interesting to create because it was my first time making something complex completely from the InDesign table tool. Overall this project helped continue my understanding of multiple Adobe products and how they can be used to collaborate together.