SoundWave Music Streaming App

A community for every song.

User Experience · User Interface

Project Brief

Soundwave is a music streaming platform with a dash of social media interaction. I always found it interesting that most music streaming platforms do not have more social interaction options involved. It seems like such a perfect match, they compliment each other very much. The goal of this project was to do a deep dive into UX practices and expand upon my skillset.

Target Audience

The target audience of SoundWave is millennials who enjoy music as well as social media. These are users who already stream music as well as use social media and are looking for a more intertwined experience. 

User Personas

Competative Audit

I began with a competitive audit of the competing music streaming platforms. I went with 4 of the biggest: Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Soundcloud. Each app has its own advantages over the others - Spotify being ease of access, Tidal being high-fidelity studio audio, or Soundcloud being the only of the apps to build upon a community aspect.

Sketch Storyboard

To start my ideation, I created a big picture and close-up storyboard. Each storyboard showcases how the user can fluidly and easily stream and share music from the app.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

As part of the upcoming user test, I created some low fidelity wireframes based on a user finding a song from the home page and sharing it to a community.

User Research

To begin my user research, I started with a research plan. I was going to interview and test with 5 participants. Each participant will fit a broad range of users. This will include users that are regularly use streaming or social media apps to hardly use them or might not use them at all. The usability study will be unmoderated and will consist of 5 prompts that the user will need to answer.

I documented each participants answers so I could turn the observations into insights at a later point.

To get a cleaner look into what needs to be changed, I created an affinity board to organize my findings.

High Fidelity Mockups

SoundWave starts off with an optional onboarding questionnaire. This will be used to tailor the users recommended music and communities as a starting point to help the user feel right at home.




Search Function

Artist Profile



Music Player


Social media and music are things that truly can blend together. This project really brought to life the work that goes into user research and understanding equitable design, understanding user pain points and being able to address them, as well as gave me more insight into the overall user experience process as a whole.