Kombucha Brand Refresh

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Kombucha Brand Refresh

The recent rise of kombucha in recent years has been an interesting shift in the culture behind mindful drinking and shows a shift on the rise of the healthy millennial lifestyle. Kombucha is a strange one, being fermented tea, the idea of drinking something just for its bacteria and yeast might be strange but the health benefits are great.

For my Package Design III class, we were tasked with rebranding an already established kombucha brand and give it our own twist. Everyone was given a brand at random to make things as fair as possible. The brand that I was given was bless∙ed booch, a small kombucha brewery local to Orange County, CA.

Who is bless∙ed booch?

bless∙ed booch is a small farm-to-bottle kombucha brewery with humble beginnings in Laguna Beach, CA in 2015. The founder, Christy Rumbaugh, began creating more and more batches until finally, in September 2015, the brand bless∙ed booch was created. The goal was to create a positive impact on the world with good for you, positive kombucha. The production facility is now located in Orange County, CA and is now where all the kombucha is created.


Image courtesy of blessedbooch.com

bless∙ed booch is different from other kombucha breweries in the way that it brews its kombucha with intent and energy. The brew utilizes a special concentrated structured water that's created using healing crystals, the sun, the moon, the stars, and positive intentions to charge the water with a high level of energy. The fermentation process is done in special crystal singing bowls that exudes peaceful, grounding energies. 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha, also referred to as “tea mushroom” or “tea fungus” in other cultures, is a fermented, slightly alcoholic, tea drunken for its many health benefits. Kombucha, while not known fully, is thought to have originate from Manchuria, a geographic region in north-eastern Asia that lies between China and Russia. In the United States. Kombucha was not popularized until 2015 when GT’s Kombucha started selling it commercially which has now sparked a large movement of kombucha drinkers and bottlers. 

Kombucha is produced by fermenting sugared tea utilizing a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, shortened by being called a “SCOBY” and more commonly called a “mushroom”. The kombucha has a fermentation period of around 10 to 14 days at room temperature before being strained, bottled, and put into another secondary fermenting period for a few more days. 


SWOT Analysis

Brand Strengths

  • All natural 

  • Fresh and locally made 

  • Healthy 

  • Promotes sustainability and community 

  • Promotes the arts 

Brand Weaknesses 

  • Poor packaging 

  • Looks like medicine 

  • Can’t be found beyond select areas of California 

Brand Opportunity 

  • Branch out beyond California 

  • Better packaging 

  • Create an alcoholic brand extension

Brand Threats 

  • Other, more popular brands have already expanded beyond California and into the alcoholic market 

Value Proposition

“A mindful journey from the time you see it to the time you drink it.” 

bless∙ed booch as a company is about spirituality and mindfulness for the body. While I wanted to rebrand the companies actual branding, I wanted to keep the core values in place. When creating the value proposition, I originally went with “A spiritual journey” instead of “A mindful journey” due to the companies core values of spirituality playing a big role in who they are. With much discussion, it was decided that I should make the change from spiritual to mindful due to the ever growing popularity of mindful drinking and the culture that surrounds it.

bless∙ed booch is here to make a positive impact on the world by promoting good health, wellness, and happiness from the products we offer. Our kombucha is farm to bottle, and always utilizes the best sourcing practices by cultivating relationships with local 

farmers. bless∙ed booch is a mindful journey from the time you see it to the time you drink it. 

Logo Sketches

The logo underwent many different versions and revisions throughout the design process. Bless•ed Booch is a spiritualistic business and because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate the colors of chakra into the logo itself. The other key element that I wanted to experiment with/incorporate was a mandala which is also very prevalent within their beliefs. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 8.32.11 PM.png

Final Logo

The colors of the mandala represent the 7 colors of body chakra. While this is a rebrand, I still wanted to keep some of who Bless•ed Booch was in with the design. Chakra and mandalas are both very prevalent elements within the spiritual community which will help bridge the gap between old and new. The typography is the bold font “Bebus Neue Regular”.

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Finished Bottle Label

The new packaging is much more bold and eye-catching. Using appealing colors based on flavor, each flavor is designed to be easily identifiable. The wavy line separating the top and body was 

chosen instead of a straight line to help add a bit of playfulness to the design. The large, cut off logo in white is used to help differentiate the normal kombucha and the alcoholic kombucha, as they are both different colors. It creates a nice, pleasant to look at shape as well. The fonts used are Bebus Neue (the logo, bottom left text, flavor name) and Avenir (subheads, flavors, size). Each flavor has a different color that represents them based on color and feel of the kombucha in question.

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Bottle Mockups

Artboard 1bottles.png

I chose to go with a more traditional bottle rather than the more “medicine” type bottle that a lot of kombucha brands tend to use. These bottles feature a shorter stout, wider basin and a re-sealable crown bottle cap. I felt like going in this direction fit the brands new look a bit better and would help give it more of a classic feeling. The idea is to make kombucha seem more appealing to the average consumer by looking familiar instead of looking like something that would be found in a pharmacy.

Brand Extension

A bit of an unknown territory for bless∙ed booch, I decided to go with an alcoholic brand extension. bless∙ed booch as a brand before the rebrand had nothing to do with alcohol. Alcoholic kombucha is still a budding industry with plenty of room to grow. While it wouldn’t necessarily be as “mindful” as the non-alcoholic variant, it’s still a good-for-you sparkling drink full of probiotics. 

The big noticeable difference between the original packaging and the alcoholic variant are the colors. The whites have all been inverted to blacks and the main flavor colors are much more sharp. 

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Poster Advertisements

Artboard 2Psrts.jpg
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Part of my rebranding process was to create some advertisement posters. I wanted these to be versatile in the way that they could work in a multitude of environments. One version, the version on the left, was created to be more serious in tone while the version underneath was created to be more playful and fun. 


The brand refresh of bless∙ed booch breathes new life into an already very nicely established brand. The vibrant colors on the packaging draw attention against the rest and the overall meaning, while staying true to its roots, gives off a much more modern look and feel. The alcoholic brand extension is an excellent way to further bless∙ed booch's target market and will attract new and fresh faces to the lineup. The branding as a whole feels more coherent and with an actual logo backing it now, can be seen and recognized throughout the ever growing kombucha competition and beyond.