Kinetic Type

Kinetic type is an interesting animation technique that takes motion, text, and design to convey a message or idea. Kinetic type opens up all sorts of creative possibilities to showcase a famous quote or line from a television show or movie.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

My all time favorite television show is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia so I felt like doing a quote from the show would be the most natural. The specific quote that I wanted to do is one of the more notorious quotes from the show - the introduction of the rum ham. The clip is short and sweet - it doesn't drag on for too long but it's long enough to get some good content out of it.

Creating a "Storyboard"

Kinetic Type Storyboad

I needed to first understand how everything was going to be laid out. Two very important topics to understand when designing a kinetic type video are movement and transitions. I wanted my quote to flow smoothly but also without being over-the-top.

Creating The Graphics

Kinetic Graphic

An important aspect to raising the bar for a Kinetic type piece are the graphics that help convey the message. I created a bunch of simple graphics in Adobe Photoshop that help give the scene a more playful image.

Creating The Kinetic Type

After Effects Kinetic

I created the scene in Adobe After Effects. After Effects is incredibly powerful for creating and editing compositions. While I used the traditional tools found in After Effects, I did end up using a free plugin called "SureTarget 2". SureTarget 2 creates an easy to move and adjust camera system that's perfect for easy transitions. 

Finished Product


Kinetic type is a good way to create marketing material or a passion project about your favorite television show/movie. This exercise was a good lesson in animating around already established content which created a very enjoyable challenge. After Effects is always a treat to work with because of how fluid it works. On the other hand, SureTarget 2 was a bit of a pain to work with due to it being slightly outdated and broken.