Retail Marketing Materials

Marketing materials and stationary for a retail store.

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My Time At Staples

I have been an associate working at multiple Staples stores for almost two years now. Being a retail store, we rely on big sales and busy days. What I had noticed during my time working here is that in many cases, one of the managers would go out of their way to try and create signage for currently running sales to make the customers walking in more aware of them. These typically were very barebones and left much to be desired. My goal was to create better signage for store sales as well as stationary that would be used to increase customer retention. 

Ink Sales

The sale of ink and printers accounted for a massive part of store income. Printers and ink are at the front of every Staples store one would walk into and is a vital part to the retail store ecosystem. Because of this, we wanted to create massive banners that showcased our current sales. Typically these were "buy $$ worth of ink or toner and get %% back towards Staples rewards". 


I created smaller 4"x6" versions that go around the ink at the ink wall as well as around the toner in the toner aisle.


Thank You Cards

Working in the Print & Marketing department, we rely on returning customers. While brainstorming ways to grow customer retention, I came up with a simple "thank you" card that would be given within each order. A thank you card is something that lets the customer know that we appreciate their business. 

As a store we also keep a close eye on customer surveys. Not many people typically do the surveys even after telling them at the register, so I wanted to incorporate a reminder on the card as well too try and push our surveys. 


Depending on the size of the order, I also created smaller, business card sized thank you cards as well.


Unavailable Machines

Sometimes in the Print & Marketing self-serve area, a machine will be down for maintenance. As a way to tell detract customers from trying to use the down machine, I created a "down for maintenance" poster to put over the screen.