Coffee Shop Rebrand

Branding a randomly selected coffee shop to create a fresh feel.

Branding · Package Design

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Project Goal

This project was all about taking an existing coffee brand and putting our own personal spin onto it. Everyone was instructed to take a slip of paper out of a hat. Each slip of paper had the coffee shop we would be rebranding. The shop that I had chosen was Allegro.

The objective: To create a navigation system of the second floor for ease of access for first time visitors. 

Who Is Allegro Coffee?

Founded in 1977 by Jeffrey Cohn, Allegro Coffee was founded on the idea of creating a superior coffee brew from home. Originally starting in Boulder Colorado, Allegro quickly grew and in 1997, it was bought by Whole Foods. Allegro can now be found in practically every Whole Foods store as well as in specific brick-and-mortar locations around the United States called "Allegro Coffee Roasters". 

Allegro does a lot with charity through their “Making Coffee Matter” campaign, which helps give back to the areas that they source their coffee beans from. A unique aspect of Allegro is their “FLXBus”, a vintage 70s Flxible bus that they use as a cross-country coffee popup stand.


Examining The Branding


Allegro, for the majority of their branding, uses a customized "Trade Gothic" font with a large 'A' located behind the name. Allegro switches off between using the serif version of the font (mostly for their coffee roasters division) and the sans serif version of the font (for most of their overall branding).


Affordances and Limitations​

Allegro is an incredibly well established coffee brand with a nice fan following (50,000 likes on FaceBook, 12,000 Followers on Instagram). Both their desktop website and mobile website are straight and to the point. To help continue to convey this, my redesign is created to help further streamline the experience.

The only real limitation of Allegro is the branding identity. As stated above, at the least, the logo is simply just the company name spelled out in a modified Trade Gothic font with a slightly brown color. At most, It’s of the same but with a giant letter “A” behind the name.

Rebranding the Logo​

I originally wanted to incorporate something to do with either the idea of giving or their infamous FLXBus. I played around with having the hands holding coffee beans, sort of having them GIVE the beans out. I liked the idea but it didn't scream coffee to me, more so charity. I also experimented with incorporating the emblem of the bus. I tried to create the a few different ways but at the end of the day, I wasn't really feeling the idea.

I eventually wanted to incorporate Allegros beginnings and what they represent into the logo. I thought it would be neat to incorporate mountains somewhere, as Allegro is from Colorado. I also thought it was cool to incorporate a coffee stain, as Allegro is a coffee company. The logo was created based off of those two characteristics.

Artboard 1AlgRo.png
Artboard 1AllegroLogo.jpg

Facelifting The Packaging​

As a company that prides itself on being as natural as possible, I wanted to incorporate the idea of the outdoors in the packaging. Allegro has some staple packaged flavors, one being the Early Bird blend, which is the package that I decided to experiment with.

Artboard 2AlgRo1.jpg
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Redesigning The Mobile Website​

Surprisingly enough, right after I had redesigned their mobile website for myself, they redesigned their own themselves!

Artboard 1AllegroSlope.jpg

Taking the journey board and turning it into a practical design gives us a nice and easy-to-follow layout. It proudly displays all important information directly on the home page.


A journey board is a fun and interesting way to show the wayfinding experience for the project you are working for. It brings a nice layer of creativity and makes it easy to digest.

I kept with the theme of Colorado mountains with the journey board for the mobile website. As it is a mountain, it goes from top to bottom. The first thing the majority will see and the most important part of the mobile website is the homepage. 

The continuation after that is what I personally think is the most important to least important. 

Allegro Sign Mockup


The Allegro Coffee brand at the time of this project was already very strong. From their packaging all the way to their social media platforms, Allegro knows how to handle themselves. I very much enjoyed working on putting my own spin to the brand and to me, I feel as though it strengthened it. The logo helps tell a story to the consumer and brings them into how Allegro started. The packaging has been given a light, natural, and airy vibe which is effective in what I wanted it to do.