Animated Infographic

Infographics are an easy to digest way to get information across in a unique fashion. They have gained immense popularity in recent times and practically any sort of significant information can be found in the form of an infograph now. The next logical step for an infograph would be an animated infographic. The idea is to take the information that can be found from a traditional infograph, but with the added bonus of turning it into a video with narration and music. The entertainment value is skyrocketed and the potential has increased.

YouTube: A Social Media Powerhouse

When people think of social media they tend to leave YouTube out of it. In the sense of what most people think of when they think of social media, YouTube is not a traditional social media platform. When comparing YouTube to other social media platforms, YouTube actually comes out to be the second largest - right behind FaceBook. With over 1.9 BILLION users worldwide, it's hard to not see the influence that YouTube has.



Artboard 1plcrh.jpg

An animated infographic is just, in essence, a moving infograph. Because of everything having to move, it is important for the storyboard to explain how things are going to move and what are the motives behind that object moving the way it is.

Creating The Graphics

Artboard 1plcrh.jpg

I created each graphic element in Adobe Illustrator. YouTube had a very simplistic style and I wanted to keep conveying that style within my graphics.

Creating The Infograph

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 2.28.58 PM.png

The animated infographic was created in Adobe AfterEffects. To keep things interesting, each element has moving parts or some sort of effect attached to it. The video itself is 1 minute long with each scene taking various times to transition based upon how much information is on the screen.

Finished Product

Artboard 1plcrh.jpg


Animated infographics are a good way to convey information to your audience. Infographics alone are very trendy and attract a lot of attention and with the added bonus of an animation, the audience has a much better chance of growing larger and the piece has a better chance of being shared.