Allagash Tree Removal Logo

A logo for a locally owned landscape & tree removal business.

Logo Design

Allagash Landscape & Tree Removal

Allagash Landscape & Tree Removal is a small, locally owned business located in North Carolina. The business was new and therefore did not have any branding as of yet. My client was looking to me to design a logo that he could put onto the side and back of his trucks for his business.

Behind The Name

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.23.36

The name Allagash comes from the town that my client grew up in. Allagash is a small town located in Aroostook County, Maine. Aroostook County is the northern most county in Maine and is home to some notable towns such as Caribou and Fort Kent. 

I asked what the client was looking for in the logo. I wanted to know if he was interested in any specific imagery or themes before I started brainstorming. My client had requested that part of the logo has to do with landscaping or tree removal, other than that he wanted me to do whatever I had wanted.

Brainstorming Ideas

Having parents that both come from Aroostook County helped a ton when brainstorming for this project. One of the big takeaways from talking with them is that moose are very iconic up there. I felt like it would work well with the idea of a landscape/tree removal company as they are large, wild animals found in the forest which would make it easy to incorporate with similar themes.

The way moose are shaped is very iconic. The most notable part of a moose is the antlers, shape of the head, and "beard". 

With this in mind, I felt like the best corse of action would be to create a silhouette of a moose as well as a tree or two. I wanted to pitch two versions of the idea, both with the silhouettes not interacting with each other as well as both interacting. 


Designing The Logo

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 1.13.52 PM.png

I had messed around with a few ideas but I had three specifically that I felt worked the best. The idea behind the right two design versions is that the moose is knocking down the tree, "tree removal" if you will. The design that connected the best with the client is the top right design. The idea of the moose actively on the tree knocking it down made the most sense to him. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 1.13.25 PM.png

I had a few ideas for the typography, mostly focusing around lettering that's bold and can tell a statement. I eventually decided on using Norwester for the "Allagash" header and Kollektif for the "Landscape & Tree Removal" subhead.

Real World Application


With the client happy about the design, the next step was to apply it in the real world. While I do not live in North Carolina, I asked the client to please send me some pictures of the design on his trucks once the stickers he ordered arrived.

A side note, the design also includes the clients phone number which I have edited out due to privacy reasons.



The design brings the origins of the client and utilizes it to help create a local landscaping startup. Working on a design and seeing it in the real world is an incredible feeling that never gets old. My client was incredibly excited to start his work and was very pleased with the outcome of the logo.